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Vision & Projects

We offer consulting including strategy and platform development, sponsorship activation and implementation.


Corporate & Leadership Consulting



Strategy and Platform Development:


We develop marketing strategies for our corporate clients and we establish new brand platforms for our customers. We develop concepts to create brand awareness, to attract new customers, position companies effectively against competitors and offer marketing and communication opportunities.

Leadership Consulting:

Axioms of coaching work in interpersonal relationships, business projects and work dynamics and encourage purposeful perspectives. Clients will create powerful results by being determined to forward the action and fulfill dreams.



Sponsorship Activation and Implementation:

We create experiences for our clients to promote their brand including corporate events, VIP programmes, travel incentives, loyalty programmes, etc.



Media Link:

We connect with relevant online, print, TV or social media channels



Golf Course Design:


SPOTLIGHT The Agency has been consulting to and cooperating with several golf design companies to offer a comprehensive service to the golf client.




Art & Culture at Rayment Art Projects



We show art exhibitions, where we invite and target to inspire customers, potential clients, art collectors and art lovers to networking events and vernissages.


The Artist is present at the vernissage or finissage and a speaker or art historian gives a talk on a relevant topic.


We offer a platform to gain new contacts, develop and establish networks and generate new business


Previous artists shown:


  •   Kathrin Kampann

  •   Bernd Kirschner

  •   Siegfried Haas

  •   Sven Meyer

  •   Márta Kucsora

  •   Christine Mueller


For more information please visit our website:

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