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                         Dinesh Chand



Inspired by the success of fellow Fijian, Vijay Singh, Dinesh is among a new generation of Fijian golfers hoping to follow Singh's footsteps. As a 10-year old, Dinesh used to leave school early and head to the golf course to pick Singh's practice balls for two dollars a day and was given his first club, a sandwedge by him. Dinesh was rated to have the fastest clubhead speed in the world. Born in Nadi, Fiji in 1972, Dinesh achieved his professional ranking status in the Fiji Pro Test at the age of 19. Chand claimed his first victory in his fourth professional appearance by winning the Descente Classic in 1998 and began to attract the attention of golfers worldwide.






Birthday: 06. February 1972

Nationality: Fijian

Turned Professional: 1992

Lives in: Tokyo, Japan






Please follow Dinesh Chand on the Japan Golf Tour.



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